The X’s original internal codename was Razor, after the then popular flip phone from Motorola. ThinkCentre A series M series Edge series. The two laptops were available in a variety of different configurations. The display is an It was also a bit more powerful than the X40 and X41 units, due to the use of faster full-voltage Dothan processors and standard 2.

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The X61s lenovo thinkpad x40 praised for its good build quality, performance, and lenovo thinkpad x40 battery life [13] — thinkpda latter of which was an improvement over the X Peter Bright wrote a disaparaging review for “Ars fhinkpad. This gave the X60s a lower active temperature and longer battery life in exchange for reduced performance. The price at the time of the review by Notebook Review was extremely high, and indicated to be out of range for all but corporate users.

The X1 Carbon has a inch screen with a resolution of by pixels. It is only compatible with the UltraBase series 3 “slice lenovo thinkpad x40.

Lenovo ThinkPad X40 2386-H4G

The ThinkPad Xt is not compatible with previous series 3 docking lenovo thinkpad x40 and The X1 tablet’s inch multitouch screen is 2, pixels by 1, pixels. Archived from lenovo thinkpad x40 original on 18 February The first generation of the X1 Yoga was released infeaturing a 14″ touchscreen with a degree hinge.


The ThinkPad Helix featured a tablet powered by Ivy Bridge components, a docking keyboard, and Wacom digitizer stylus. The Razor concept was eventually merged with the Bento-Fly project and renamed Kodachi. The specifications [12] of the laptop are lenovo thinkpad x40 below:.

Lenovo ThinkPad X40 H4G – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

The X’s original internal codename was Lenovo thinkpad x40, after the then popular flip phone from Motorola. Retrieved 15 August It can be customised with various colors, school logos, and asset tagging.

The specifications [43] of the ThinkPad X1 laptop are given below:. It is distinguished from other ultraportable laptops by its usage of LED backlighting, removable battery, solid-state lenovo thinkpad x40and integrated DVD burner. Retrieved 20 February The ThinkPad Thnikpad was released in April A modified and re-branded version of the Lenovo Xe, named the Mini 10 was issued to all year 9 students in NSW Australia at the start thonkpad The ThinkPad Helix was released as an option for corporate IT buyers who were looking for the power of a high-end Ultrabook and mobility of a tablet.

Retrieved 22 June The X32 was introduced in Retrieved from ” https: The tablet tbinkpad the same specifications lenovo thinkpad x40 the X laptop, in terms of processorgraphics, and RAM.


The numbering system lenovo thinkpad x40 a bit confusing, as it was actually introduced after the X40, but using the older X3x chassis design. Retrieved 6 August Archived from the original PDF on 26 June A look back at ThinkPad”.

Lenovo ThinkPad X40 Series Specs – CNET

The first X Series laptops were “slimmer than a deck of cards” and “lighter than a half-gallon of milk”, despite the presence of lenovo thinkpad x40 It was also a bit more powerful than the X40 and X41 units, due to the use of faster full-voltage Dothan processors and standard 2.

He cited the repositioning of Caps Lock, replacing it with Home End, and that pretty much each little -finger key has lenovo thinkpad x40.

The first was solid-state storagewhich would replace mechanical hard drives. The Xe is a laptop designed for the education market and it comes in three versions: