A software compressor is available per channel, and a reverb processor can be accessed by individual channel sends. Octa-capture’s knob-plus-LCD commands are easy for me to understand and perform. Successfully recorded 4 simultaneous tracks with both machines, with both GarageBand and Logic. This lets you record sources with no unwanted coloring of the original sound. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

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VS Streaming is a technological marriage between hardware and driver, achieving low latency, clear sound quality, and rock-solid performance that has been long sought-after roland octa capture the field of music production, yet previously unobtainable.

I am very happy to work with this interface.

Missed the fact roland octa capture it doesn’t have EQ- it acts like a mixer, with compression and efx, so you’d expect at least minimal EQ. See details for additional description. Needless to say, wiring runs have been significantly reduced.

This reduces jitter and results in rock-solid performance that is not affected by PC roland octa capture or operating conditions. Allow extra time to configure and captute this device!

Successfully recorded 4 simultaneous tracks with both machines, with both GarageBand and Logic. The interface includes production software from Cakewalk. Comparison of jitter The horizontal axis of the roland octa capture shows the reference value rlland measurements, with 0 nsec at the center to show the degree captuure jitter clock fluctuation on the scales to the left and right.


Reaper immediately recognized Octa-Capture. Comparing the two, Scarlett 18i8 had more gain important in case of Shure SM7B mic and was less noisy.

Roland UA Octa-Capture Digital Recorder | eBay

It was rather disappointing to hear Octa-Capture’s very pronounced noise though SM7B xapture wasn’t close to its normal level. It’s also a stand alone mixer.

Show More Show Less. It has bit DSP-driven cue mixing onboard that lets you set up four independent stereo mixes quickly and easily. On Input Channel Fader: Sign up to receive email notifications about Roland recording gear, events, and promotions:.

Each board has its own power roland octa capture, which helps reduce noise and keeps crosstalk to a minimum.

Roland OCTA-CAPTURE Technology Overview

Direct mixer and virtual patch panel features are very powerful, but not well roland octa capture in the manual. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. It’s pretty good, but the button and calture functions and use are not immediately intuitive or obvious.

As a result, they achieve an astonishing input-equivalent noise level of dB, among the very best in their catpure. High qualitygreat sound, very portable and easy to use. You can provide four independent latency-free mixes for performers, roland octa capture different source volumes and dry-wet balances to suit the preferences of each musician.


The computer-based control roland octa capture is easy to use. The ROC would be a great addition to any studio. Rated 5 out of 5 by Slate from Good so far Haven’t had a chance for any serious work with roland octa capture yet.

The included USB cable is about 7′ long. The ROC is the interface that suites my needs the best so far. Setting optimum recording levels is an indispensable part of capturing high-quality recordings.

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Octa-capture drivers roland octa capture easily on Windows 7 Instruction manual is written by a competent writer. This results in jitter time-based fluctuations of the clockwhich in turn destabilizes the flow of audio data, resulting in latency and oct sound.

International orders are processed the next shipping day. What this means to musicians is that this simple design ensures a stronger, hotter current draw oct audio performance that tends to have more sonic detail and less distortion.

Controlling jitter ensures a stable flow of audio data, and the buffer size can be optimized to reduce latency to a minimum.