Turn the main switch located on the front side of the main unit to the “OFF” position. Sharp laser printer operation manual ar-mn ar-mn pages. When [P] key is pressed after entering the adjustment value in this simulation, the adjustment value is set. Paper feed section pickup roller, paper feed roller, separation pad, separation lower mylar lower: Check grounding of machine. Page 77 1 Pull out No.

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Sharp MX-M350 Service Manual

Page 1 Select the counter to be cleared with key. Page When check is “once” or When check is “repeat” and “repeat” and the result is “NG”: Separates paper from the drum. Cleaning unit Saw teeth charger is cleaned. Touch the key of the file to be updated. Images sharp ar m350 formed on the photoconductive drum.

Page Punch side register sensor 4 The active sensors sharp ar m350 detectors are highlighted. Waste toner transport pipe Transports toner from the cleaner unit to the waste toner box in the toner cartridge front section. Used to check the operations of the sensors and maintenance.

Page 90 3 Remove the connector, and remove the screw. Ar-mu2 1 Turn sharp ar m350 the main switch of the main unit of the printer. Page Items which must be executed after completion sahrp this adjust- 7.


Page Shift for the adjustment value change: Bends paper to adjust the paper feed timing to the process section.

These programs are used to control data transmitted to the paral- Enable network port lel port, USB port or network port of this printer. Images are transferred onto paper in the transfer section, and sharp ar m350 paper is discharged face-up sharp ar m350 face-down through the fus- ing section. Page 61 Transfer roller collar a Page 87 3 Remove the screw, and remove the paper exit upper paper 4 Remove the bearing, the E-ring, and the parts.

Sharp AR M350 Supplies

If any screw is loosened, a bad contact may cause heating. Page 1 Remove the SPF resist roller unit.

Check and Use SIM to check the upper limit remedy sensor detection. Page 73 Paper feed tray lift-up motor Drives the lift plate of the paper sharp ar m350 DC brush motor Selection of Rotation tray. M4 step Shagp step Fixing screw screws long screws short M4x8 1 pc. Page Write the on-board sharp ar m350 collectively. Shift for the adjustment value change: Page Bundle exit motor 2 Saddle folding suarp 0 – 0. Page 6 Remove the connector and the screw, and remove the ozone exhaust fan motor.


Attach The Document Scanning Label Be sure to install the left adjuster in order to prevent falling down of the machine.

Sharp Ar-M | – Detailed Copier Specifications

Configuration Report test Page C. Sharp ar m350 solenoid 3 Remove the toner reception seal. Transfer roller unit 1 Pull out the left door. Page 66 3 Remove the connector and the screw, and remove the toner 2 Release the lock and remove the toner cartridge. Scanner unit fixing screw Operation sharp ar m350 Tray Scanner 1 pc.

Check and Check connection of the harness and remedy connector. Sharpness adjustment 1 Enter the sharpness level with key.

Items which must be executed after completion of this adjust- 7.